What our clients are saying about Pilates…


Name: Georgia Kaplan February 2016

Occupation: Retired

A Body In Balance has a very welcoming and nice abience as you come in. Everyone is warm and friendly.

Pilates beats going to the gym. Every time I go to a Pilates class I feel energized and have a sense of well being when I get through.

Practicing Pilates helps me feel more attuned with my movements, and makes me more cognizant of my posture. Pilates helps me stand tall.

I use Pilates to help bunion problems, after a class I generally feel better with the bones in my feet.


Name: Chalice Ledet February 2016

Occupation: Psychotherapist

I love A Body In Balance! The studio has great instructors, a friendly staff, and terrific brand new equipment. The group classes are small enough to allow for more personal assistance.

Adding Pilates to my normal routine of working out is providing me with the very important flexibility necessary to carry me through my later years. Using Pilates I have become more conscious of my posture. I am developing a stronger ore and greater balance.

I have suffered for years with back injuries stemming from 2 serious car accidents. Strengthening my core is helping to reduce my chronic back pain. I am excited to see what long term Pilates can do for me and am confident that the flexibility it provides is a key component to aging with grace!


Name: Tammy Fridley March 2014

Occupation: Registered Nurse

I enjoy the atmosphere and service provided at A Body In Balance. The staff is very personable and the instructors are very knowledgeable and attentive to proper form. This provides an overall excellent workout.

My muscles seem longer and leaner since beginning Pilates 3 years ago and my posture has improved. I have also seen an improvement in muscle tone.


Marcella A

Name: Marcela Arroyave May 2013

Occupation: Regional Outreach Manager

A Body In Balance is more than a Pilates studio, it’s a community! Yes, you get to work with fabulous talented instructors, fantastic equipment, and get a kick-butt workout, but you get so much more.

The students, and studio owner are so friendly. You are likely to build friendships with caring and wonderful people. This is truly a wonderful studio to be a part of!

Pilates has brought so many positive changes to my life. Before starting Pilates I was feeling sluggish, stressed, and was experiencing chronic back pain. I have found that through regular class participation I have a healthier physical, emotional, and mental balance. It is an outlet to release my emotional stress, clear my mind, and build core strength which realigns me and makes me feel less pain and look better.

Through Pilates I have gradually transformed my physical appearance. I’ve gained lean muscle mass, increased my flexibility, and I have toned and lost inches. People have noticed these physical changes which boost my self esteem and attitude. I love that I can set personal fitness goals that are totally achievable and keep me motivated and coming back for more!

I was experiencing acute cardio induced asthma symptoms before I joined A Body In Balance. I have noticed after two years of Pilates the majority of my symptoms have been alleviated due to increasing my lung capacity through learning how to breathe and building core strength. Pilates is the only workout that I’ve made a part of my routine that I enjoy and it’s making all the difference in the world!

Thank you Marcela!


Name: Tina Teigen February 2013

Occupation: Housewife

My orthopedic surgeon recommended I do Pilates to protect my knee and balance my strength equilaterally. Pilates has given me an incredible yet low impact workout I can use to lengthen and tone my muscles without bulking up.

Advancing in my training from beginner, to an advanced skill level by consistently attending group classes and private lessons has been the part of Pilates training that has made me happiest.

I have benefited from increased core strength, which has helped improve my posture, and reduced some lower back pain. I also enjoy my awesomely toned arms and tush!

I love A Body In Balance; the studio has a very warm atmosphere. The clients and staff alike are wonderful. I like that A Body In Balance has a very encouraging and non-pretentious atmosphere for all skill sets.

Thank you Tina!



Sheila Apruebo January 2013

Occupation: Disabled

If only I had know about the benefits and importance of posture and core strength earlier (even before the injury to my spine). Pilates has opened my mind about my body and it’s structure. This particular place has a wonderful combination of teachers and students – that is what makes this place feel fun and great.

I have had cervical spine surgeries, and my spine is unstable. Since starting Pilates I have benefitted from a stronger core, which helps my unstable spine, and the biggest benefit is the strength in my legs and feet.

I have strength in my feet and legs despite no feeling and numbness in my feet and heels. It has made me feel confident again to walk on my own without using any aides (my walker or cane).


Lorraine Blume January 2013

Occupation: Principal

I’ve really enjoyed the knowledgeable instructors, helpful staff, and the fellowship of the other clients (as well as the staff). This is a place of encouragement and camaraderie. It’s all about growth and ego is not involved; thus, there is no competition.

I thought I’d be happier with my strength thanks to consistent workouts with talented teachers, but it’s a toss up now between strength and connection with wonderful people!

I’m definitely stronger, my posture and general movement are better, and I’ve lost many inches while increasing muscle definition. When I take a morning class I’m energized for the day; when I take an evening class I feel calm – like a DIY massage. J

As with any exercise, I think better after Pilates.

When I pinched a nerve in my back, the instructors made modifications, which I believe, assisted in my rapid healing.


Michele G. January 2013

Occupation: Workout…workout…workout…play…workout….

A Body In Balance is my Anchor in my health and fitness routine. It is so easy to get a good workout before work. It is fun, strengthening, and increases good posture and flexibility. The instructors are knowledgeable and friendly and the staff is accommodating.

Describe what part of your experience training in Pilates has made you happiest.

1. Emphasis on core strength and flexibility

2. Friendly and open studio…always welcoming.

3. Easy access to studio and classes

4. Excellent instructors who provide regiment and variety.

5. We have become a Health and Fitness Community at A Body In Balance. We are a family!

From the first reformer workout, I felt straighter and stronger. My back problems have eased and my sciatica disappeared with all the stretcheing. I’m sure that even my bones are stronger from the spring weight. Longer and leaner muscles are happily replacing plump parts…and my core is starting to rock. LoL.

Do you have any injuries that Pilates has made a significant difference with and how?

Do I have to list my injuries and ailments?! The list is too long, but here are a few: back (lower back disc) and neck (both of which put me under the care of doctors and therapists), knees, wrists, shoulders…and my cardiologist thinks I have a blockage. I’m making progress with diet and exercise.

Happiness factor: high!


Katy McGuire January 2013

Occupation: Student

A Body In Balance is a great place to workout!

The part of my Pilates experience that makes me the happiest is the friendliness of the staff and the knowledge base of each instructor. Yoni, Monica, and Patty stood out to me and really helped me achieve my goals.

I saw my legs get toned and my abs got defined within one month, and I also built arm strength.