Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to Pilates which class should I start with?

We reccomend our Discovery Package which includes 3 private sessions and 1 group reformer class. This will give you the basic knowledge of

Pilates and get you familiar with the equipment. Our Essentials Reformer classes are also a great introduction to Pilates.

What do I wear to a Pilates session?

Wear comfortable clothing such as activewear that won’t restrict your movement, yoga pants are a great option. We recommend you bring socks, a towel, and water.

How often should I do Pilates?

We recommend 2-3 times a week for the best results. This allows your body to become familiar with the movement and provides consistency that will help you feel the difference.

What if I need to cancel a scheduled class or appointment?

We ask that you call us or go online and cancel no later than 24hrs prior to your session. Sessions that are missed or cancelled less with than 24hrs notice will be lost. 6-12 membership holders will be allowed 2 courtesies after which will incur a $30 fee per late cancel.

When will I be ready to progress from the Essentials Class to the Regular Reformer Class?

Everyone progresses differently and we feel that it is important to determine on an individual basis when progressing to a more advanced level class. As a general guideline we use the BASI Block System, which consists of progressive layering of the “building blocks” of Pilates. They are grouped in three levels: 1-10 Sessions, 11-20 Sessions, 21 onwards. We recommend clients have at least 10 sessions in an Essentials Class before progressing to the Regular Reformer Class to ensure their safety and understanding of the fundamentals.