About A Body In Balance

A Body In Balance is a place where we study and practice the science of movement on all levels.

Our clients study movement to improve the quality of their day to day lives, our student teachers are studying to become graduates of the BASI Teacher Training Program, and our teachers are constantly learning in order to improve the quality of their classes.

Our goal is to build a community of like minded people focused on living long, healthy and productive lives.

The Studio

The studio itself is a 2,300 square foot studio divided into an equipment room, a smaller room for Mat classes and privates, and a separate lobby.

Our studio is equipped with 6 Reformers, 2 Cadillacs (Trapeze Tables), 1 Avalon Arm Chair & Step Barrel, 2 Ladder Barrels, 1 Wunda Chair, 1 Spine Corrector, and Various Props.

The Mat room is 500 square feet of open space and is where we do our Pilates Mat classes, personal training, and Balls and Bands Classes.  The studio is also equipped with a weight bench, squat rack, 300 lbs of free weights, dumbbells ranging from 5lbs to 40lbs, battle ropes, resistance bands, TRX Handles and more.

Dancers and athletes have long used Pilates as a cross conditioning tool to fine tune and tone their bodies. Now more than ever, people are discovering the beauty and benefits of Pilates.

Unlike any other exercise, Pilates is a unique and highly efficient system of integrated movements designed to tone, trim and improve the body.

It is the quality of movement and use of your own body weight that makes Pilates the choice for anyone regardless of age or fitness level.

A Body in Balance

to get your life in balance