Semi-Private Classes in a Friendly, Safe Environment

Our Reformer classes are restricted to five people or less.  This allows our teachers to focus on keeping you moving while also paying attention to correcting the small details in your technique.  We find that more personal attention keeps you moving safely, and allows you to get maximum results from your Pilates classes.  You get the benefits of a private session without the crowds or the high cost.

Regular Reformer

The Regular Reformer Class guides you through a more intensive Pilates class.  Once you are moving safely on the equipment and need less personal attention our teachers are able to add more exercises, or more advanced versions of the exercises you already know.  Enjoy an intimate class size and get the best workout ever!

This class is appropriate for those who have taken 15 or more Pilates group classes.

Reformer Essentials

The Essentials Class focuses on providing you with the basic principles of the Pilates Method in an intimate class setting. This class will help you gain body awareness, coordination, and begins to build core strength. In addition we begin to introduce modifications to the exercises for those with more special needs. With these essentials in hand you will be able to experience all of the benefits that Pilates has to offer and you will be prepared to workout with people that have been coming to group classes for several years.

This class is appropriate for people who have taken 15 group classes or less.