Pilates Mat Classes

Mat work is an integral part of the Pilates method.  Our group classes are limited to 8 people per class and offer a complete workout that is based on the same fundamental principals as our refomer classes.

Not sure if Mat classes are for you?  Try our complimentary Mat class on Saturdays at 9 a.m.

Call for details, or sign up online.

Pilates Flex

This class is an excellent way to strengthen your understanding and connection with your deepest core muscles, gain flexibility, range of motion, and tone your entire body. Pilates ball and band class is a fun combination of props with traditional mat Pilates exercises. The small ball, big ball, and elastic band allow for both modifications and challenges in each exercise. All levels welcome.

Mat Class Prices

$15 Per Mat Class
Package of 10 Prepaid Sessions, $150 Total
$20 Per Session
Single Class