Darrelyn Flanagan

Pilates Instructor
Darrelyn Flanagan

Reformer Classes Tuesday and Thursday  at 8:00 am & 9:00 am 

Privates & Duets by Appointment

Darrelyn Flanagan began studying Pilates in 1999 after the birth of her third son.  She fell in love with Pilates and how it enhanced the quality of movement in her fitness routine and everyday life.  Pilates was the perfect discipline that combined both of her fitness regimes, strength training and yoga.

Darrelyn has been teaching Pilates for 10 years through private instruction and equipment (Reformer, Chair) classes.  Her first certification was in 2006 from the UNLV Dance Pilates Program and in 2009 from the Body Arts and Science Institute (BASI).

Darrylyn has worked with professional athletes, dancers, rehabilitative clients throughout her teaching career.  Her classes focus on anatiomy, alignment, proper technique and wellbeing.

Through continuing education, and a passion and commitment to her craft, Darrelyn tries to inspire and challenge her clients and classes to grow and go with her on the journey of mind, body and spirit.

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