Semi Private Classes

The Benefits of Semi-Private Classes

By Stephanie Muir

Pilates can be done in many settings thanks to it being so versatile. Such versatility comes with certain advantages and disadvantages. These pro’s and con’s are normally dependent on your willingness to trade off money for quality. Some good news is that there is a middle ground solution at a reduced cost but doesn’t sacrifice quality or attention to detail. You can not beat a Pilates private session but the next best thing are Pilates semi-privates.

Semi private classes have approximately 5 to 6 clients in a class and can be taken on the mat or on the Pilates equipment. The goal of a studio that provides semi private classes is to provide the benefits of a private session without the high cost.

Attention to detail

Much like in a Pilates private session you will get more attention than in a group setting of more than 6 clients. This attention to detail means you will execute the exercises more precisely and accurately. Precision is an important principle in Pilates as it forces your mind and body to concentrate on the movement at hand. Pilates movements are deliberate and require attention to detail to work the right muscles. The instructor will be in a better position than in a large group class to see any areas that need to be corrected during the class.


Semi private classes are more affordable than Pilates private sessions but unlike large group classes which often carry the lowest fee structure they do not have the same sacrifice of quality large group classes have. Semi private classes are your perfect medium for the price vs quality conundrum.


Since up to 6 people can do a semi private classes you develop a sense of comradeship with other Pilates students. Support from an instructor is one thing but having support from a nice group of people that become your friends makes attending your classes that much more enjoyable and fun. Consistency is an important ingredient to becoming proficient at something. If you enjoy your Pilates classes you are more likely to be consistent which means you will be more likely to excel in your Pilates.


In semi-private classes your instructor will get to know you and your body. Your instructor can easily give you suggestions after your session that will assist you in your next class. You may even get a little homework to work on until they next see you. For example: they may suggest you do some standing roll-downs when you wake up each morning to help mobilize your spine. They can easily see if you are doing any of their suggestions by how you move in your class. Being accountable to someone increases the chances of doing that activity and this will only lead to improved results. Having friends in your class will naturally create a sense of accountability amongst each other. You will be less likely to miss a class if you know your friends will be there. A little bit of friendly competition never hurts anyone and a sense of unity arises as each person gets stronger. There is a saying, “a rising tide lifts all ships”.


The semi private class format allows the instructor to give participants more individual attention. Results come when the client is consistently performing the pilates exercises in the precise manner that is intended. For example; an instructor can better see if you are in the correct alignment in a semi-private class than in a group class. Since you get more attention and you can more than likely attend more sessions thanks to the affordability you will get results faster.

Specific Classes

In semi private classes you can be matched with similar people with the same proficiency level. This can keep the classes challenging and rewarding. An advanced Pilates client will not benefit if they are grouped with all the beginners and the same applies to a beginner being thrown in the deep end with the seasoned veterans.

Those with injuries or medical conditions that have had Pilates private sessions can easily be grouped together in a semi-private setting. The exercises can be tailored to the needs of the class and with the numbers being lower than a group class the instructor can easily monitor their movement.

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