The Benefits of Private Pilates SessionsThe Benefits of Private Pilates Sessions

By Stephanie Muir

This is the creme de la creme of Pilates and one of the best places to start your Pilates journey. You get 100% of the instructor’s attention and personal assistance at a pace suitable for you. Private Pilates sessions are modified to suit an individual’s specific needs including but not limited to injured and special populations

Private Pilates sessions are a great way to learn the principles that are so integral to the Pilates discipline. Those principles include control, awareness, breathing, and concentration amongst several others. Studios may offer this premium service to enhance their client’s results through one on one individualized attention.

The value that a one on one Private Pilates session can give you is hard to put a figure on. So here are some points to consider during the decision process:

Your sessions are tailored to meet your needs

We are all unique and that rings true for our bodies. Pilates instructors are trained to look at different bodies and assess where there are muscular imbalances. An imbalance comes about from bad habits, injuries, trauma and our genetics. Most people have a bit of a rotation or shift somewhere in their body. Ever noticed how one leg seems a little longer than the other?

A private session allows your instructor to cater your classes not only to a time convenient to you, but to an hour specific to your needs. Don’t be surprised if  your instructor asks you questions about your lifestyle like: Do you work long hours in a seated position staring at a computer screen? What are your goals? Would you like to be able to play with your grandkids without pain in your back? The individual attention a one on one class offers accelerates your ability to connect with your body and with that comes faster results.


Pilates is brilliant for special populations

If you have any medical conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis or are post-rehabilitation from an injury and you are cleared by your physician; one on one pilates is especially advised in the beginning. This is to ensure the correct execution of the exercises with possible modifications to assist the body.


Time Flexibility

If you would really like to do a Pilates class and the studio does not offer classes on any days pr times that suit you, it is possible to book a private class on a day and at a time that fits your needs. Please make note of any late cancellation policies.



Since the hour is yours, and there are no other clients to attend to, the instructor is able to cater the class to how exactly your body is feeling on the day. If you would like to focus on strength, mobility, upper or lower body this can be done.


Accelerated results

With all the attention focussed on you it makes cheating that much harder. This of course means you will work more effectively and it will accelerate your results.



In Private Pilates sessions your instructor will be able to see if you have been able to apply the principles taught into your everyday life, and if you are engaging correctly in your class. If you are the type of personality that enjoys being accountable, this is an added motivation. However, if you are someone who prefers to just hide in the background this may be intimidating.



Private Pilates sessions are dearer than your group classes, since the hour is being dedicated to only you. This is of huge value but it can add up in the long run and is not always affordable for all.

Next week we will take a look at the pros and cons of taking larger group Pilates classes.

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