Pilates Class Options

Pilates Class Options

By Stephanie Muir

Pilates has become a very popular exercise discipline since Joseph Pilates pioneered his method originally and named it Contrology. Decades later Pilates is being practiced worldwide and it is respected by exercise professionals in all different sectors of the industry. It benefits from referrals from personal trainers through to your medical professions.

Pilates classes are offered in different sizes and mediums. Versions of Pilates can be found in your franchise gyms through to purest boutique studios and everything in between. The clients benefiting from Pilates come from all different backgrounds ranging from blue collar workers through to most celebrities. Ages can range from six years old to well into their 80’s. From the able bodied athlete to the injured needing rehabilitation and all in between.

With such an array of options to chose from we are going to elaborate on three settings that are commonly used in studios and gyms.

Private Pilates Classes

This is the creme de la creme of Pilates and one of the best places to start your Pilates journey. Pilates private sessions are one on one and you get 100% of the instructor’s attention. Pilates draws upon the following principles breathing, concentration, centering, control, precision and flow. These principles require a certain amount of body awareness and coordination that is not always easy to learn without one on one assistance. We all learn at a different pace and no matter where you start, your Pilates private session will work with you where you are at. This means if you are beginner there is no first timers intimidation from others in a group and if you have done Pilates before you can go at a pace faster than those in a group that is too slow for you. For the injured and special population client the Pilates private session is certainly more appropriate than a group class. All of the Pilates apparatus and exercises can be modified to suit the individual’s specific needs.

Group Pilates Classes

Many of your large gym type of franchises run group Pilates classes that can range anywhere from 12 up to 30 participants to an instructor. Your mat group class numbers can get quite large but your reformer group classes tend not get any larger than 12 people. These classes favour those who have done Pilates before without any injuries or medical conditions. They offer the convenience of a structured class often on a weekly basis during peak hour times. Depending on the gym and/or studio you have more packaged deals on offer that bring down the cost per class. They are fun, social and affordable for most. Some offer specialized classes such as beginners, intermediate and advanced. That being said even the most seasoned Pilates instructor will struggle to give attention to everyone in the class. With Pilates being such a precise discipline you may miss out on some of the benefits. The risk of injury goes up the larger the class.

Semi-private Pilates Classes

In a Pilates semi-private class there are no more than 6 people to an instructor. This class structure lends itself well to both mat and equipment. Since the number of people in the class is smaller than that of a group class at a gym you will get more attention from the instructor. More attention from the instructor means you will work the correct muscles and the chances of injury will be significantly minimized. Like your group classes some boutique studios offer packages for your semi-private classes which is an advantage cost wise. Although lower price wise than a Pilates private session the quality of instruction will not be as compromised as it is in a group class. Since the maximum number of people is 6 the instructor will be able to give a reasonable amount of attention to the clients.

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