Twist on the Mat

In this video Pilates teacher Kerry Margolin demonstrates Twist as performed in the Mat repertoire.  This movement focuses on the Abdominal Obliques.
We are using this exercise to strengthen and stretch the obliques and work on shoulder stabilization.  On the inhale we lift the pelvis straighten our legs, creating a long line from the feet to the top of the head, and raise the top arm to the ceiling keeping it in line with the shoulder.
With an exhale we lift the pelvis has high as we can, rotate the trunk of the body, and reach the top arm under the pelvis.
On the next inhale we rotate the shoulders and return to the previous position, and exhale our way back to the starting position.
Remember to keep your legs together, maintain the stabilization of the shoulder blades, and get as much out of the muscles on the sides of the body as you can. Try not to power through the initial lift with excessive use of the legs.


Kerry Margolin : Twist

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