Testimonial: Corryne Graf

BASI Graduate Testimonial: Corryne Graf

Testimonial: Corryne GrafLet me preface this by saying that Pilates has changed my life. I first started doing mat Pilates as a college credit when I was in nursing school. I quickly fell in love with the practice and continued doing it even after I had graduated.

Fast forward two and half years later and I found myself in a career slump. I was working two nursing jobs straight out of college and I was worn out. It wasn’t until someone very close to me sat me down and talked to me about my career goals, passions, and vision for life that I realized I needed a change.

It was that talk that helped me realize that nursing just wasn’t for me and what I truly loved doing was… Pilates.

Shortly after that, I picked my life up from Chicago, Illinois and moved across the country to Las Vegas, Nevada. With a fresh outlook on life and a new environment I started my research into finding a Pilates certification program.

My research led me to BASI Pilates. It was something about the scientific approach to Pilates that really drew me to BASI. To my luck, BASI was holding a certification program right here in Las Vegas at the end of the year at A Body in Balance studio.

I remember the first time I went to Matt’s studio, he was friendly and I could tell he genuinely wanted to spread the BASI method. We ran through a short workout on the equipment, since this was the first time I had ever even seen Pilates equipment. Remember, my previous experience was all mat Pilates!

I fell in love with the Reformer and the Cadillac. I knew from that day on that I wanted to graduate from the Standard Apparatus Program, and so it began.

The program started up and I dove face first into it. I honestly had no idea how intense it was going to be, but looking back I am SO thankful for the knowledge that I gained from my in depth BASI training.

I had a few different BASI facility members for the 12 modules that I completed and each one was perfect in their own way. I want to thank them now for everything they taught me.

The program went fast and then it was onto completing my hours. After about a year I signed up for centralized testing and the pressure was on. It was during those few months before test out that I felt like I learned the most.

I was constantly reading and rereading my manuals, practicing and re-practicing every single exercise, and creating BASI programs for my clients. And then testing day came and went all too quickly. It was, hands down, one of the most memorable experiences to date.

This is where I want to thank Jen Pearlstein, Karen (my ‘body’ for the day), and Balanced Bodies studio for being absolutely amazing and really making the experience and atmosphere both fun and memorable.

When I received the results from centralized testing that I had PASSED, the biggest smile came across my face. All of my hard work had paid off and my journey was really just beginning. My initial BASI training set me up for success, but becoming part of the BASI family is an ongoing experience that will continue to help me succeed in my career and in life. 

When I say Pilates has changed my life, I am largely referring to the happiness I now have when going to work every morning. If you don’t know what waking up and feeling excited to go to work feels like, I urge you to think about making a career change.

I will forever be a student of Pilates, because that’s how I become a better teacher. I think that is a very important thing for instructors to know and acknowledge. Ongoing training is important because the learning never stops and that is what is so exhilarating and refreshing about Pilates.

As I close this testimonial up I wanted to save a special place for Matt, owner of the Las Vegas BASI host studio A Body in Balance. Without your constant support, encouragement, and helpful nature I wouldn’t be where I am at today.

Thank you for always being a phone call away, opening your studio to me, and helping me with my own practice. I couldn’t have asked for a better host studio, honestly. Thank you BASI for the top-notch training and thank you to all of my students for allowing me to do what I love.