BASI® Comprehensive Apparatus Program

Comprehensive Apparatus Program

BASI® Comprehensive Apparatus Program

More than simply a program of study, the Comprehensive Apparatus Program is an exciting and challenging immersion into the art and science of Pilates. In this program students gain knowledge of Pilates theory, exercises, and teaching skills on all the Pilates apparatus, including BASI’s proprietary Avalon System®.

The BASI Comprehensive Apparatus Program is for students who have completed the Foundation Apparatus Program.

Students who sign up for both the Foundation Apparatus Program and the Comprehensive Apparatus Program will receive a $200 discount on the Comprehensive Program deposit fee.

Once students complete the Comprehensive Apparatus Program, they may test for a BASI Pilates teaching credential which will qualify them as a teacher of BASI Pilates Advanced Principles, and embark on a career as a fully qualified Pilates professional.

Comprehensive Apparatus Program Dates.

Modules 1 – 3: Nov 11th thru 13th, 2016. Led by Sr. Faculty Member Sheri Long

Modules 4 – 6: Dec 9th thru 11th, 2016. Led by BASI Faculty Member Meredith Rodgers

Cost: $1,199.00   Tuition Includes: The BASI Pilates Study Guide, the six BASI Movement Analysis Workbooks, and access to the Host Studio for all Observation, Practice and Student Teaching hours necessary to complete the course.

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Student registration and payment is done online via the BASI web site.  A Body In Balance does not register students directly or collect tuition.

BASI® Teacher Training

BASI Pilates Teacher Training is divided into three programs: the Mat Program, the Fundamental Apparatus Program, and the Comprehensive Apparatus Program.  Each program is comprised of six study modules which include lectures, discussion, exercise analysis and hands on practice under the supervision of a BASI Faculty member.  You may take all of the programs at one time, or break the training into individual parts to fit your schedule and financial needs.

Click Here for an FAQ about BASI Pilates teacher training or call (949) 574-1343

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – Muscle Balance and Imbalance.

This module covers Muscle Imbalances and their causes, the Principals and Goals of Treating Imbalances, Muscle Imbalances as a Cause of Injury, Functional Exercises, and Muscle Testing and Function.

Repertoire Covered: Fundamental & Intermediate Reformer Exercises, Intermediate & Advanced Wuda Chair Exercises, and Intermediate & Advanced Cadillac Exercises.

Module 2 – The Lower Limbs.

This module covers the Hip Joint, the Knee Joint, and the Ankle-Foot Complex, as well as the Gait Cycle.

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate & Advanced Reformer Exercises, Intermediate &Advanced Wuda Chair Exercises, and Intermediate & Advanced Cadillac Exercises.

Module 3 – The Shoulder Region.

This module covers the Structure of the Shoulder Joint and the muscles that act on it.  Working with Shoulder Problems and the Shoulder Region in the Pilates Repertoire.

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate Reformer, Intermediate Wuda Chair, Fundamental Ladder & Step Barrel, and Intermediate Cadillac Exercises.

Module 4 – Program Design Principles

This module covers the Principles of Training and the Components of Physical Fitness, Dividing the Repertoire into Levels and Working with a Broad Range of Clientele.

Repertoire Covered: Advanced Reformer, Advanced Wuda Chair, and Advanced Cadillac Exercises.

Module 5 – Select Populations Part 1

This module covers working with Select Populations – Athletes, Cross Training and Teaching Methodology

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate and Advanced Level Step Barrel Exercises.

Module 6 – Select Populations Part 2

This module covers Select Populations – Pregnancy, Children and Aging. Teaching Men and Women, and Training for a Goal

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate & Advanced Level Ladder Barrel, Advanced Reformer, and Advanced Wunda Chair Exercises

Sarah Beardsworth, BASI Pilates instructor, shares her journey to BASI.