BASI® Foundation Apparatus Program

BASI® Foundation Apparatus Program

The BASI Pilates® Foundation Apparatus Program gives students a thorough knowledge of Pilates mat as well as a solid foundation in the Pilates Method on the various Pilates apparatus. The Foundation Apparatus program is a prerequisite for BASI’s renowned  Comprehensive Apparatus Program.

Students who complete the Foundation Apparatus Program upon request, will receive a letter of attendance of study of Foundation Apparatus Principles and may test for a BASI Pilates Mat teaching credential, qualifying them as a teacher of BASI Pilates Mat®.

BASI Foundation Apparatus Program Dates

Modules 1 – 3: Sept 23rd thru 25th, 2016.  Led by Sr. BASI Faculty Member Brandon Gamble

Modules 4 – 6: Oct 14th thru 16th, 2016. Led by BASI Faculty Member Meredith Rodgers

Cost: $2,199.00   Tuition Includes: The BASI Pilates Study Guide, the six BASI Movement Analysis Workbooks, and access to the Host Studio for all Observation, Practice and Student Teaching hours necessary to complete the course.

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Student registration and payment is done online via the BASI web site.  A Body In Balance does not register students directly or collect tuition.

BASI® Teacher Training

BASI Pilates Teacher Training is divided into three programs: the Comprehensive Mat Program, the Fundamental Apparatus Program, and the Comprehensive Apparatus Program.  Each program is comprised of six study modules which include lectures, discussion, exercise analysis and hands on practice under the supervision of a BASI Faculty member.  You may take all of the programs at one time, or break the training into individual parts to fit your schedule and financial needs.

Click Here for an FAQ about BASI Pilates teacher training or call (949) 574-1343

Course Curriculum

Module 1 – The Fundamentals.

This module covers the 10 Principals of The Pilates Method, The Pelvis, Breathing in Pilates and Safety Considerations.

Repertoire Covered: Fundamental Mat and Fundamental Reformer Exercises.

Module 2 – Anatomy Overview – Part 1

This module covers Anatomical Terminology, and the Structure and Types of Joints.

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate Level Mat, Fundamental Level Reformer, and Fundamental Ped-A-Pul Exercises.

Module 3 – Anatomy Overview – Part 2

This module covers the Skeletal System, the Muscular System and the BASI Block System.

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate Level Mat, Intermediate Level Reformer, and Fundamental Leg Weight Exercises.

Module 4 – Posture Assessment

This module covers the Principles of Alignment, Common Types of Faulty Posture and the Roll Down as an assessment tool.

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate & Advanced Level Mat, Intermediate Level Reformer, and Fundamental Cadillac Exercises.

Module 5 – Core Strength – Back & Abdominals

This module covers Core Strength – Back & Abdominals, Contraindications and Guidelines for Successful Teaching

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate & Advanced Level Mat, Intermediate Level Reformer, Fundamental Avalon Chair, and Fundamental Cadillac Exercises.

Module 6 – Exercise Adaptation

This module covers Exercise Adaptation and Progression and the Construction of a Complete and Comprehensive Program

Repertoire Covered: Advanced Level Mat, Intermediate Level Reformer, Fundamental Wunda Chair, and Fundamental Magic Circle Exercises.

Sondra Karman gives an overview of her first career as a dancer, dance movement therapist, and joining BASI as a faculty member.