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Our Annual BASI Pilates Teacher Training Programs Begin on August 24th, 2018

For over 25 years, BASI Pilates has been a leading Pilates education academy, with a reputation for innovation, dedication and excellence in its Pilates teacher training. 

The BASI Pilates® Mat Teacher Training Program is designed for those who want to gain a thorough knowledge of Pilates Mat exercises and who want to become highly qualified Pilates Mat instructors.

At BASI Pilates® we regard the Mat Work as the “crown jewel” of Pilates. It is the essence of the system, without which a great void would exist. The Mat Teacher Training Program provides a thorough education in the Mat Work and its infinite applications.

In addition to being the foundation on which all else is based, it is also the perfect springboard to the BASI Apparatus Programs.

This program consists of six modules which include a lecture and discussion, as well as analysis and hands on practice of the exercises under the supervision of a world class BASI faculty member.

 Each module is four hours in long, and includes a one-hour mat class.


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Sarah Beardsworth gives her BASI Testimonial

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Pilates Teacher Training Las Vegas

Course Descriptions & Dates:

BASI® Pilates Mat Program – $1099.00

The BASI Pilates® Mat Program gives students a thorough knowledge of Pilates mat repertoire as well as a solid foundation in the Pilates Method. The Mat program is a stand-alone course and can be a great stepping stone for BASI’s renowned Comprehensive Apparatus Programs.

  • Modules 1, 2, & 3: August 24th thru 26th, 2018
  • Modules 4,5 & 6: September 14th thru 16th, 2018

Course Curriculum


This module covers the 10 Principals of The Pilates Method, The Pelvis, Breathing in Pilates and Safety Considerations.

Repertoire Covered: Fundamental Mat  Exercises.



This module covers Anatomical Terminology, and the Structure and Types of Joints

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate Level Mat Exercises.

module 3

This module covers the Skeletal System, the Muscular System and the BASI Block System.

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate Level Mat and Fundamental Leg Weight Exercises.


module 4

This module covers the Principles of Alignment, Common Types of Faulty Posture and the Roll Down as an assessment tool.

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate & Advanced Level Mat Exercises.


module 5

This module covers core strength in the back and abdominal muscles, contraindications and guidelines for successful Teaching

Repertoire Covered: Intermediate & Advanced Level Mat Exercises.


module 6

This module covers Exercise Adaptation and Progression and the Construction of a Complete and Comprehensive Program

Repertoire Covered: Advanced Level Mat  and Fundamental Magic Circle Exercises.



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Graduation Requirements

Must attend all (6) Modules

PASS Final Written Exam with a score of 70% or greater

Complete (15) Observation Hours 

Complete (40) Self Practice Hours 

Complete (30) Student Teaching Hours 

PASS Final Teaching Evaluation (Additional fees may apply)

PASS Final Practical Exam (Additional fees may apply)


BASI Teacher Training Testimonials

Joyce Valera, Mat Program Graduate

Testimonial: Joyce ValeraI was nervous and intimidated when I first started the Mat program. However, the BASI Faculty & Matt at A Body in Balance made me feel so confident about my practice. I felt so much at ease! Matt was very good at making sure that my questions are answered, that I have complete knowledge of BASI Pilates and that I was comfortable with teaching.

I’m so glad I had my first Pilates teaching experience at A Body in Balance! I believe having a positive environment and clean facility could have an effect on teaching and A Body in Balance defines that. I really enjoyed my time in the studio and I wished I was still teaching there! Thank you so much Matt!


Testimonial: Joyce Valera

Corryne Graf, Apparatus Training Graduate

corrynegrafpilatesLet me preface this by saying that Pilates has changed my life. I first started doing mat Pilates as a college credit when I was in nursing school. I quickly fell in love with the practice and continued doing it even after I had graduated.

Fast forward two and half years later and I found myself in a career slump. I was working two nursing jobs straight out of college and I was worn out. It wasn’t until someone very close to me sat me down and talked to me about my career goals, passions, and vision for life  that I realized I needed a change.

It was that talk that helped me realize that nursing just wasn’t for me and what I truly loved doing was… Pilates.

Shortly after that, I picked my life up from Chicago, Illinois and moved across the country to Las Vegas, Nevada. With a fresh outlook on life and a new environment I started my research into finding a Pilates certification program…..Click Here To Read More