Testimonial From Chalice

Name: Chalice Ledet

February 2016

Occupation: Psychotherapist

Length of Time as a Client: 4 months

I love A Body In Balance!  The studio has great instructors, a friendly staff, and terrific brand new equipment.  The group classes are small enough to allow for more personal assistance.

Adding Pilates to my normal routine of working out is providing me with the very important flexibility necessary to carry me through my later years.  Using Pilates I have become more conscious of my posture.  I am developing a stronger ore and greater balance.

I have suffered for years with back injuries stemming from 2 serious car accidents.  Strengthening my core is helping to reduce my chronic back pain.  I am excited to see what long term Pilates can do for me and am confident that the flexibility it provides is a key component to aging with grace!

Thank you Chalice!