The Pilates Guy

Coming Of Age                                                                                                                                     Today I feel like I have hit a milestone in my Pilates career.  This morning in my email I received correspondance from Mikael Salazar, aka The Pilates Guy, that the Pilates equipment I have up for sale has been officially posted on his website.

Woah!  It is real, I am actually replacing my older equipment with the new BASI Systems line.

That’s right replacing ALL of my equipment; the whole darned studio.  As I walk through the studio I feel like the kids are going off to  summer camp.

If you are looking for some quality equipment for your home, or maybe you are starting up a small studio of your own click through to see what is available.

These machines are older, but they have been upgraded and many rebuilt so they have many years of helping you maintain a high quality of life left in them.  I need to find kind and loving homes for them.

mik tac 180h

The Pilates Guy                                                                                                                                        So where do you go if you need to find quality Pilates equipment from people serious about Pilates?  You go to the guy that has 22 years of experience building, maintaining and helping people find good homes for their used equipment, The Pilates Guy.

Mikael and his partner have experience with Pilates equipment manufactured by Balanced Body, Gratz Pilates, Peak Pilates, and Stott Pilates and they come packed with tools, hardware and detailing supplies.

On Reformers, they remove squeaks and creaks, align wheel systems, adjust footbars, and smooth out pulleys. On Cadillacs, they clean sliders and ensure all pipes are snug and secure. Wunda Chairs don’t usually require a lot of service, but eyebolts can become loose, springs can get tweaked, and hinges can scream like a crying baby. Periodically, all equipment needs attention to improve appearance, performance and safety.

They will even install any manufacturer-supplied upgrades and retrofits to bring your older equipment up to modern standards.

My experience with Mikael was fast, and very professional, Thank You!